Storage spaces are a great way to secure your extra belongings when you are moving out or want to eliminate the excess clutter in your home. There are thousands of storage units available. All you have to do is pick the right one for you. Finding the right storage spaces for rent takes time and effort. If this is your first time looking for a rental space, check out these 9 tips you might find helpful to get a kick start.

9 Tips To Find The Right Safe And Secure Self Storage Unit

Let's learn more about these tips!

  • Focus On Finding The Right Size Of The Storage

The very first step that you should kick start your search with is to be clear about why you want to rent a storage unit. Your reason will eventually determine whether you need large or small storage. There are different sizes available for you to select. The size you choose will influence the overall cost of renting safe and secure self storage.

  • Underline Your Budget

After you know the space you need in your storage unit, the next thing is to underline your budget. The safe and secure self storage from 5'x10' to 10'x15' costs less than the large storage units such as 10'x 20' and 10'x 30'. The small storage is enough to store the items from a small studio apartment to a 1 bedroom house and kitchen, while the large storage makes up the best for keeping the belongings from a 3 bedroom house to a commercial space.

  • Make Inventory Of The Items You Want To Store

Before you start looking for storage spaces for rent, you want to make an inventory of the items to store. By making the inventory list, you can clearly see the items to store and how much space you will need to accommodate all your belongings. 

  • Full Services Or Self Storage- Pick One

In full services storage, you will resolve help from the members of the storage facility to load and unload your belongings to the location. On the other hand, in a safe and secure self storage, you will do everything independently, from packing to unpacking. Not to mention, of course, full-service storage will cost you more in contrast to self-storage services.

  • Decide On The Time You Want To Rent The Storage Unit

Do you need the storage unit for years or a month? You should figure it out before renting a storage unit. Calculate the time you will spend on your expenditure. Do your math as necessary and let the storage unit owners know about your requirement. It helps in capturing the best options out there.

  • Indoor Or Outdoor Storage- Decipher The Decision Prior to Searching For The Unit

It's not that any outdoor or indoor storage is better than the other. Picking one of the two options will only aid you in your search. You will have an idea of the service spectrum you should look for along with the unit. For example- if you want an indoor space, also look for temperature control settings, lighting, and pest control service. You should get all of these services with your storage unit. 

  • Calculate The Distance Between The Storage And Your Residence

Suppose you need an important file for your next office meeting. You only have 2 hours to collect it, and suddenly you remember that you have kept this file in your rented space 5 hours away. What would you do in this situation? 

Ofcourse, you have to forget about the meeting. You don't want this fake scenario to happen to you in real life. Ensure that you rent the storage space according to your convenience. Make sure it is pretty close so that you can reach it when you need it, or it's not too close that you have to pay the extra bucks needed ( however, if you want to pay, go for it).

  • Always Fathom About The Security Arrangement Of The Storage Unit 

Security arrangements must be checked when looking for safe and secure self storage or full storage spaces for rentt. CCTV cameras, pest control, security doors, and gated security are some security arrangements you can look for before renting a facility. You should also check for disaster management if you rent the space in a location that is too prone to natural disasters.

  • Go Through All The Restrictions And Rules Before Renting The Storage

Some units have time limits, some can give you access to your valuables only on certain days, or some only approve of bringing up to one person into the storage unit, and so forth. There are many restrictions that you should check before renting a storage unit if you want to avoid falling into the wrong hands.

Wrapping Up!

We have provided you with the 9 useful tips to help rent the best storage. If you need any further, we recommend you to visit the Leeveit. They are the best storage service in the Philippines to be your perfect partner in finding the right storage unit. Thank You!